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Artificial Village

Renee Shadforth
Sierra Sun
Photo by Renee ShadforthThis woman is a taiko drummer who performs in the Nihon Showa Village in Japan.

We visited a very unauthentic Japanese village, the Nihon Showa Village. The place was beautiful, and I’m sure it looked somewhat similar to a traditional town, but all of the houses were built between the 1930s and 1982.

I suppose you could call it the Disneyland of Japanese villages. There were plenty of opportunities to buy stuff and everything was basically not real.

Despite the fact that this village was a sham, we were able to experience something wonderful and very Japanese: Taiko drumming. A team of 20 or so dancers and musicians put on an hour and a half show, with amazing beats and dramatic performance. The drummers – men and women, young and old – worked up quite a sweat with precision in both their percussion and their remarkable movements across the stage.

According to

“Taiko refers to both the modern art of taiko drumming (kumi-daiko), and to the taiko drums themselves. Taiko in the Japanese classical arts have a history spanning close to two thousand years, and modern taiko drumming (kumi-daiko) is quickly taking the world by storm.”

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