Astrological makeup can influence your tolerance for pain |

Astrological makeup can influence your tolerance for pain

Sarah McCallum
Special to the Bonanza
Essential oils can heal neck and back aches.
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TAHOE VISTA, Calif. — As an Aries (rules the head) with the moon in Taurus (rules the throat), I typically suffer from pain and tension in my head and neck.

I have experienced many a night where I used acupressure and yoga in order to avoid a full-blown migraine. While pain management seems like a daunting and impossible task at times, it is actually an incredibly insightful process through which you learn a lot about your body and mind.

For instance, the areas of tension for myself differ from those of my clients and my loved ones. My father experiences low back pain, something I rarely encounter, and for my mother, it tends to be sciatica.

Interestingly enough, my father is a Virgo/Libra cusp — think low back and digestive processes — while my mother is a Libra (think gluteus). Your astrological makeup can directly influence your tolerance to pain, as well as the sensitive and vulnerable areas of your body.

You may also find relief from using essential oils aligned with your astrological footprint. Some of my favorites happen to be strongly identified with Aries: Peppermint and Rose.

Both of these essential oils work to immediately relax the muscles in my head and neck while calming the mind and opening the heart.

I have to pay attention to the emotional connection related to stiffness in these specific areas as well. The neck represents your ability to see both sides of any given situation; therefore, when we find tension in this area, it is wise to focus on accepting the validity of opinions that may not be our own.

Tension in the head can be the result of over analytical thought processes and obsessive worry. Meditation and yoga may be hugely helpful in shutting down and tuning out those persistent negative thoughts.

No matter what type of fatigue you are dealing with being able to stay open to a variety of healing modalities is always important. Stop by the spa and relax with one of our talented therapists. We are all differing in our approach to healing and that is what makes us such a successful team.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care in Tahoe Vista. Visit to learn more.

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