Attempt to woo woman results in trip to the Sheriff’s office |

Attempt to woo woman results in trip to the Sheriff’s office

Adam Jensen
Sun News Service

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE “-A 23-year-old South Lake Tahoe man reportedly took an unexpected ride on the hood of a car last week as part of unsuccessful efforts to woo a 21-year-old coworker.

On the afternoon of Nov. 28, the man and woman met at the ice rink at Heavenly Village, according to a report from a Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy.

When the man made unwanted advances toward the woman, she tried to leave, but was prevented from getting into her car by the man, according to the report.

Eventually they both got into the woman’s car, and she drove to Harrah’s to try to get the man out of the vehicle.

She succeeded in getting the man out of the car, but he then jumped onto the hood, according to the report.

“(The woman) drove around the Harrah’s parking lot to scare (the man) off of her vehicle,” the report said. “It did not work.”

She let the man back into the vehicle and drove to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Stateline station, according to the report.

When contacted by a deputy, the man ” who has only been in the country for a few months ” said he “was just playing around.”

The deputy warned the man to have no further contact with the woman and advised the woman “who did not want to press charges ” to tell her supervisor about the incident.