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Bear report

Several areas are having problems with bears coming into homes. In each case, when the neighborhoods are investigated to find what is causing the bears to behave this way, construction sites are found close by. Open debris Dumpsters with lunch scraps thrown in, chicken bones tossed into the woods, and deliberate feeding by irresponsible construction workers creates long-term trouble for the entire neighborhood. Supervisors and foremen are strongly encouraged to coach the crews and insist on proper disposal of food. Its also very helpful if the workmen can let the bears know they are not welcome on the sites by yelling aggressively at them if they try to approach. Once a bear becomes comfortable around people and houses he will believe it is appropriate for him to come into any home and look for food. Contractors can be an enormous resource in solving this problem and the BEAR League will also help in any way.

This past week Squaw Valley saw the most bear activity. Several homes were entered, usually either through open windows or single pane glass. In one case the homeowners left a window open and went out for dinner. The bear tore the screen (screens keep bugs out but not bears) and went inside only to be chased out by the cat. In another entry the bear stole the breadbox and left. This appears to be a young juvenile bear and he can be taught proper etiquette if residents will be consistently tough on him and fiercely protect their homes until he realizes hes not welcome in the neighborhood and finds a more appropriate residence in the back-country.Another bear was hit and killed on Highway 89 near Alpine Meadows. He resembled the young bear who had been entering homes in that area. Since he was killed neither Fish & Game, the Sheriffs office, nor the BEAR League has had a report of a break-in. However, a resident illegally placed a trap in her yard after being informed of the young bears demise, and attempted to lure bears into the trap to their death. Fish and Game was notified and the trap was removed.A huge bear entered a basement under a home on Donner Summit and got trapped inside when the door closed behind his immense bulk. He ran and hid in the corner and the residents were concerned as to how to get him to leave. As soon as all was quiet, the bear departed and has not returned.A resident in the Gateway area of Truckee called to report being awakened by the crashing and banging of garbage cans as a bear dined on improperly secured trash.A food kiosk protected only by plexi-glass was entered and raided by a bear at Mid-mountain in Northstar. The business owner was very co-operative and realized he must remove the edible ingredients each evening before he closes up to go home. He has had no further problems. A medium-sized dark brown bear has entered several homes in Ward Valley and Tahoe Park. He is busy both day and night and is going into homes that are unoccupied. The barking dog alarm is working well to keep him from coming inside. Bears do not like to enter homes if they think a dog or a person is inside.Contact the BEAR League to report bear activity or to request assistance with any type of bear problem. 525-7297 or

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