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Bear report

The Tahoe National Forest lost several bruin residents to vehicular collisions this past week. Due to the heat, the fire and the drought bears are being forced to cross roads and highways in search of water and food. We have already exceeded our record of 20 killed on the California side from 2006, and we still have six months to go before the end of 2007.

Estimates and trends suggest we will kill over 100 percent more bears this year than ever before. Additional bears entering the Basin to find water is a partial cause, but more vehicles and more people traveling at higher speeds, usually oblivious to the wildlife, are also responsible.

Paving Tahoe’s roads with the remains of bears, squirrels and other wildlife seems inappropriate if we wish to be recognized as a respected National Treasure.

The continues to receive reports of bears getting into unsecured garbage at Most of the homes are vacation rentals and the garbage is placed outside several days before pick up, allowing the bears to sniff and respond to the ring of this irresistible dinner bell.

It is important to remember the young yearling males are looking for appropriate living space and will move in right under our cabins if food is available nearby. It will not be long before they begin to enter homes if this problem is not corrected. Each homeowner for providing proper bear proof enclosures for friends, family and renters to dispose of trash. Although Nevada County has resisted adopting a sensible bear/trash ordinance, the property owners are certainly capable of doing what is necessary to responsibly live in bear country.

A young bear searching for new habitat mistakenly entered the home range of a large dominant male and found himself severely harassed and treed for hours in by the resident bear. He seemed to find comfort too close to human property but was eventually coaxed down from the tree and sent back to the safety of the forest. The risks involved if he returns are those from the resident male bear and secondly from people who mistake his friendly behavior as aggression, and call to have him killed. Bears are not relocated in California.

In several concerned residents called to report a beautiful medium-sized black colored bear running across the busy highway in order to check out wooden garbage enclosures (not bear-proof) on the lake side. Neighbors stated the homeowners often place their garbage out, unsecured, several days before pick-up. Numerous bears cross the dangerous stretch of road to take advantage of their carelessness. In Placer County it is illegal to allow a bear access to garbage.

is still experiencing home invasions by bears. It appears two separate animals are going into empty, quiet or seemingly unoccupied homes. A barking dog alarm is very effective in discouraging bears from coming inside.

Instances of a bear trying to open windows and doors on cars and homes near along the have escalated again after a short time of no activity. The residents are very “bear aware” and are working together to dissuade this bear from returning.

No problems have been reported in the or neighborhoods after almost one year of serious home invasions. Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and continue to lock doors and windows when not at home.

and are hands-down the hardest hit neighborhoods when it comes to bears breaking down doors to gain access to empty houses stocked with food.

who have tired of cleaning up the destruction and who have hence removed food are no longer being targeted, but full-time residents who leave for vacation are very vulnerable. Three separate families of mothers with small cubs are the guilty parties.

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