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Bear Report

Courtesy photo/Sun News ServiceIncline Village has had high bear activity recently, according to the BEAR League. This Incline bear was cruising near Lake Tahoe earlier this month.

Problems with bears entering homes are escalating and beginning to occur in neighborhoods where all was previously quiet.

More than an average number of resident bears are attempting to reach the lake as the drought caused many of the mountain streams to run dry. This brings them past homes that are often unoccupied and full of groceries.

People often comment that they had no food inside without realizing that teas, spices, canned goods and staples certainly are food and the bears can smell them. It is highly encouraged that be removed from homes or cabins that are not permanently lived in.

A bear-proof dumpster was left unlatched in inviting a bear to come and dine. He was so comfortable and pleased with his meal that he refused to leave when several people tried to chase him away.

He simply sat in the dumpster, ignored them and continued to enjoy his dinner.

A visitor renting a cabin in left the door open and went to the beach with the counters well-stocked with fruit, croissants and potato chips.

A young dark-colored bear went inside and took bites from two different avocados (neither were ripe enough to suit him), then opened a bag of chips and was just sitting down to munch when he was rudely interrupted by BEAR League personnel who chased him out of the house and up a tree.

After enjoying a day on the beach at an irresponsible and thoughtless person threw two bags of garbage in front of (not inside) the bear-proof Dumpster that are generously provided by the establishment.

After dragging the trash around, a bear trotted up to the residential area where children were playing and had to be escorted out by BEAR League personnel.

Since the disappearance of the bear who was entering homes in which resulted in three weeks of reprieve, a new bear has moved into this tempting neighborhood and is breaking through older, not-so-solid doors at unoccupied cabins.

He is raiding cabinets and refrigerators that are well-stocked with canned goods, granola cereal and Popsicles.

The sister of the bear that was hit by a car and killed earlier this spring in was now also hit by a motorist in almost the same location. Her back was broken and CHP, Placer County Sheriff’s deputies and BEAR League personnel all determined she had no possible chance of recovering and therefore made the determination to euthanize her.

She had been on her way to the lake for an evening swim when she was struck down. The numbers of bears killed by cars this year in the Truckee/Tahoe area is higher by over 100 percent than in any previous year.

On the River Road just south of a very large bear is approaching homes and exhibits no fear of people or dogs. It is very difficult to convince him to leave and residents are encouraged to be extra careful with pet food, garbage and birdfeeders.

Once he smells anything he determines to be eatable, he will consider it his.

A bear entered a home in through an open bathroom window, which the resident thought was too small for any bear to squeeze past.

As soon as the dog came home and barked the bear ran off. Bathroom windows are especially vulnerable as there are lotions and other scented items inside. Anything that smells like food, even if it isn’t, will attract a bear.

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