Bear shot and killed in Incline |

Bear shot and killed in Incline

Staff Reports

Officials shot and killed a 600-pound bear in Incline Village after it broke into a home and reportedly threatened a family.

Washoe County Capt. Steve Kelly said a homeowner called the sheriff’s office at about 5:30 a.m., saying a bear was in the house. Kelly said the family locked itself in a master bedroom until an officer arrived.

When a sergeant arrived, Kelly said the bear charged at him, forcing the sergeant to shoot in self defense.

“The sergeant fired once with a shotgun, but unfortunately, it only grazed (the bear),” Kelly said.

Kelly said the bear fled, and after a search, it was found under a deck at in a nearby home.

Law enforcement called the Nevada Department of Wildlife, and the bear was flushed from under the deck and killed.

Kelly estimated the bear to weigh at least 600 pounds.

“Please make sure the message gets out that this is what happens when people allow bears access to their trash,” said Cark Lackey, biologist for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. “It may not have been the people whose house it entered but the neighborhood is definitely to blame. This bear was getting into trash in the Incline area for at least the last two years. Our policy is if the bear is just getting into trash then we do education on the bear and the people, but once it breaks into homes it must be euthanized.”