Brown still seeks Doolittle debates |

Brown still seeks Doolittle debates

Sun News Service

Democratic Nominee Lt. Col. Charlie Brown has renewed his request for a series of debates with incumbent Rep. John Doolittle, suggesting six dates, and a series of town hall formats.

Due to the geographic size of the 4th District, Brown has also offered to participate in a series of talk radio call-in forums with Doolittle in order to ensure that all voters have the opportunity to hear each candidates “unfiltered response” to the broad range of local, regional, and national policy questions at stake in this election.

Doolittle, who agreed to debate Brown following an exchange of letters between the two candidates on July 11, has said that he would contact Brown “as the Congressional schedule for the rest of the year becomes clear.”

Doolittle, who was in Grass Valley on Thursday, told The Union newspaper that he had not yet decided on when and where the debates would be scheduled.