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Bumpy Landing

Emma Garrard/Sierra SunMike Johnson of Soar Truckee holds onto the tail of a downed glider.

A Soar Truckee glider made an emergency landing in the Martis Valley Wednesday afternoon after becoming detached from its tow plane during takeoff.

The aircraft was 200 feet off the ground when it detached and the pilot had to make an “unintended off-airport landing,” said Truckee Tahoe Airport Manager Dave Gotschall. It landed approximately half a mile off the runway, said Gotschall.

The pilot, the only person onboard, was not injured in the incident.

“He’s just sad,” Gotschall said.

The lightweight fiberglass glider weighs a mere 800 pounds and was damaged in the emergency landing.

” Emma Garrard, Sierra Sun