Meet Your Merchant | Truckee Train station salon on track for relaxation |

Meet Your Merchant | Truckee Train station salon on track for relaxation

On a recent trip to India Terry spent time in a small kitchen learning to cook. She often helps families and friends by cooking signature dishes.
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What: Infinite Salon

Location: 10065 Donner Pass Road

Phone: 530-277-2514

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — A distant whistle announces a train’s arrival. Next comes the subtle vibration of the station walls as it gets near. Slowly the train pulls into the station and the noises fade into the background for clients inside Infinite Salon.

What used to be the ticket booth in the downtown Truckee train station has become a serene salon with soft lighting and colorful lamps, peaceful instrumental music and bamboo plants.

“A lot of people have the nickname for this place as a sanctuary,” said Infinite Salon owner Terry Wilson.

The train can pass once a day or a dozen times a day, Terry said, and clients enjoy hearing and feeling it pass through as they receive relaxing treatments. The old space also has brought some eerie events, events that clients don’t mind, but are sure to notice and talk about with their nail technician.

“I started calling myself a Jacqueline of all trades because it sounds sweeter than Jill.”
Terry Wilson, owner of Infinite Salon

“Because of the bus and train,” Terry said. “That’s where disembodied spirits, ghosts, whatever you want to call them, come through.”


At Infinite Salon Terry offers natural manicures and pedicures, Tarot card readings, henna tattoos and energy work.

“I started calling myself a ‘Jacqueline of all Trades’ because it sounds sweeter than Jill,” Terry said.

Terry’s passion for healing comes from her love for people, and a place of spirituality, she said.

Terry said all of her advertising is word-of-mouth and her clients are mostly repeat customers. Friendships have developed over the years she has been working with people in her small space.

Client and close friend Simone Grandmain often pops in to the salon to say “Hi” and catch up or to schedule a “local’s favorite” pedicure.

“The Locals’ Favorite” is the name for Terry’s natural pedicures that involve a moisturizing paraffin wax treatment, massage and nail color.

“I call Terry my non-guilty pleasure,” said Simone.

The range in Terry’s clientele is as broad as her services. She said during the summer and winter it’s common to treat rock climbers’ and carpenters’ dry and calloused hands and feet. “I try to keep my salon genderless, it’s not girly and frilly,” Terry said.

“People come to me because it’s a therapeutic rejuvenation for your feet,” she said. “I call it ‘sole therapy.’”

“I don’t think of myself as a nail technician, and now I realize what I’m doing when I touch people’s hands and feet,” she said. “It’s an energy transfer.”


The self-proclaimed soccer mom said her life was once filled with all of the things people strive for in order to be happy. It was when her home and her finances plummeted that Terry began to rethink her values. Feeling unfulfilled, Terry searched for what truly made her happy and gave her life meaning. A near-death experience and the loss of a family member converged and Terry’s priorities changed.

“Working for a corporation meant secure income but I lost personal identity and my sense of self worth,” she said.

“My biggest fear is to return to that state of denial,” Terry said of her life before any kind of spiritual practice. “I was totally unaware.”

Terry spends time everyday sitting under the stars at Donner Lake. The cultivation of serenity and peace, through prayer and ample time spent alone, are the qualities she prioritizes now. She said money has lost the power it once had over her.

“I’m going to place self care and the care of others before my income. I’m doing something for the whole planet, not just for financial gain,” Terry said. “I care much more about you as a human being than what you can pay me.”

Terry’s salon services are offered at tiered pricing in an effort to make service available to everyone.

Terry’s love and passion for people bring her happiness at her job now. Giving back through healing services brings herself healing, Terry said.

“I do it because I love it, it’s my service to the world,” Terry said.

“I’m so excited about who I’m going to meet because they’re intentionally meant to come in here,” she concludes.

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