Nepal comes to Lake Tahoe in form of pop-up business |

Nepal comes to Lake Tahoe in form of pop-up business

Carole Bernardi
Special to the Bonanza

Oscar and Sue Jenkins moved to Incline Village with their two children during Thanksgiving 2013.

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — The allure of the exotic can be captured via travel, or living vicariously through books and film.

But when the opportunity becomes available in the form of clothing, accessories and jewelry, it's a magical opportunity to bring the globe right to your doorstep.

Local residents Oscar and Sue Jenkins have done just that, bringing Nepalese goods to their pop-up shop, "Subba," at Incline's Christmas Tree Village for a limited time.

The shop is brimming with traditional Nepalese and Tibetan jewelry, hand-made bone beaded bracelets, cotton/woolen and pashmina scarves, razor-cut embroidered bags, rucksacks, and colorful woolen socks, hats and ponchos.

Price points vary from $10 to $50.

"My mother is originally from Nepal, and at one point I worked there in guest relations at Chitwan National Park," said Sue Jenkins. "It was a wonderful insight into the lives of Nepalese natives and gave me a chance to appreciate their crafts."

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Many of the products are made from local materials like yak and goat's wool, hemp, and semi-precious stones from Tibet.

Some of the rucksacks and bags are made from "recycled" rice bags and some of the scarves are made on hand looms from the Katmandu Valley.

"I remember visiting the local jewelry markets in Katmandu and Delhi and I've always wanted to start a business connecting people to these talented artisans," Sue said.

Sue's mother's namesake was "Subba," an old Limbu name, hence the name of the company.

"At the end of October, Sue had bought me a hat from Nepal. Once she shared her passion about bringing these goods to Tahoe I guess the rest is history," Oscar said.

The couple settled in Incline Village with their two children during Thanksgiving 2013. Dillon (13) attends Tahoe Expedition Academy, and Millie (11) is a student at Lake Tahoe School.

Shop at "Subba" from Thursday, Feb. 5, through Sunday, Feb. 8, from 2-7 p.m.

The Jenkinses will host a casual Grand Opening on Friday, Feb. 6, during the same hours.

Visit to read more about the pop-up shop.

Carole Bernardi is an Incline Village resident and a freelance writer.