Social Media Savvy: 10 tools we use to stay productive and happy (pt. 2) |

Social Media Savvy: 10 tools we use to stay productive and happy (pt. 2)

Milena Regos
Special to the Bonanza

Reflecting on the year past and looking ahead to 2015, we strive to commit to things that make us happier, help us work smarter not harder and minimize the clutter in our lives.

Whether you like it or not, technology has become a part of our lives. In the case of people like me, who work in online marketing and social media, technology sometimes can feel overwhelming and even close to depressing.

Yet, technology, if used properly, can be helpful to keep the information and data we need organized while automating and centralizing our tasks and activities.

In part one of this series we discussed Evernote, Asana and LastPass. Check out the tools we recommend this week below:

1. Feedly

With Feedly you can keep all the sites that matter to you in one place. Sign up to automatically receive updates from your favorite websites and blogs and spend 15-20 minutes catching up on industry news, world news or your favorite blogs.

In an era of information overload, we must be very selective with our time or we’ll drown in information overload. Feedly is accessible on all mobile devices and I love how easy they make it to share articles as well.

You can easily tweet, Facebook, Buffer, save to Pocket, Google+, LinkedIn, Hootsuite directly from the platform.

Why we like it: It keeps the information we need organized by topics so we can quickly stay on top of the trends and news.

Price: Free or Premium

2. Pocket

Pocket is an easy way to save articles you run across on all of your devices into one place for easy access later on.

It helps to keep you organized with tags and now you can even share your articles with another team member, you can go back to your content if you need to or mark articles as read.

Why we like it: Keeps you organized, minimizes distractions, saves you time.

Price: Free

3. Dropbox / Google Drive

Two cloud systems to keep your files organized and easily accessible from any one of your devices. We prefer Google Drive when collaborating on documents as it makes editing and working together really easy.

Sharing a document from Google Drive is easy and the platform can even save it as a PDF before sending it out.

We prefer Dropbox to keep bigger files, multimedia and to share entire folders with clients and coworkers. Both cloud systems have free and premium versions depending on the size of data you need to save.

Why we like it: Keeping your files in the cloud means you can access them from anywhere you are.

Price: Free or Premium

Milena Regos is principal and founder of Out & About Marketing, an Incline Village-based digital marketing and social media consulting firm. She can be reached for comment at This article first appeared on

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