Social Media Savvy: What matters now in Lake Tahoe marketing? |

Social Media Savvy: What matters now in Lake Tahoe marketing?

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Marketing trends come and go especially in the past few years. Marketers are always looking for the next big thing that will change the way they do their job. Few things remain constant in this fast paced digital environment.

Knowing what matters now is critical. To get this message to as many people as possible, I recently created this free ebook: “What Matters Now in Marketing.”

I interviewed thought leaders and marketing professionals from different age and industries. People who expressed their opinion include: Sheila Scarborough, Hanna Bankston, Henri Bermell, Steven Holt, Jacob Warwick, Roy Tuscany, Dave Archer, Colleen Dalton and Nathan Latka.

Coming from nonprofit organizations to entrepreneurs and CEOs, these marketers have tons of years of experience in the trenches.

It’s hard to put opinions into trends. People provided their own opinions without any restrictions and framework. This ebook is all about opinions — nothing structured.

Still, a few things stood out for me after reading all the responses:

Your customer is your number one priority.

Nothing earth shattering in this statement, just a good reminder that paying attention to your own customers should be number one job for marketers.

Without customers, we don’t have a business and jobs. Instead of spending time on the next new shiny thing, focus on the needs of your customers.

Social media needs to be social.

Too many brands continue to use social media as one way communication. Spend the time to listen more and connect with your customers. Create content they ask for in the format and channel they use.

Know your customer pains and provide them with a solution. Only then you will find success on social media.

Measure what matters to you.

People talked about the importance of metrics that tie back to goals of the business. Without goals, you can spend too much time and effort on vanity metrics.

As marketers, we need to be competent at measuring what matters. We educate our CEOs and shareholders of what we can measure and what makes sense to include in reports.

Creating reports for the sake of providing reports is not going to bring anyone any real benefit. We can have different reports depending on whom is reading them. Make sure the report makes sense and provides actionable and meaningful data and analysis.

The “What Matters Now in Marketing” ebook is available for free download. Visit to learn more.

Milena Regos is an Incline Village-based marketer, freelance consultant and creator of the “Simple Marketing Blueprint” online marketing video course. The above post first appeared on — formerly known as Email Milena at

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