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Tahoe Prosperity Center launches broadband effort

Special to the Bonanza

The Tahoe Prosperity Center, in its effort to facilitate the expansion of high speed Internet service to the Lake Tahoe Basin, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, recently launched an Internet speed test and survey.

Anyone living, working or visiting Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows or Squaw Valley is encouraged to participate in the speed test and short survey on their current Internet service.

The project, dubbed “Connected Tahoe,” is expected to cull data that will help TPC assess current gaps in high-speed Internet service, determine priority areas for broadband upgrades or expansion, and provide a much-needed objective picture of the state of Internet service within the basin.

Participants will be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini.

“Access to high speed Internet is the foundation for economic prosperity, educational excellence and healthy, safe communities Basin-wide,” said Bev Ducey, Connected Tahoe program manager. “Data from this survey will be used to recruit Internet Service Providers to expand into our underserved areas and to assist them in writing grants to help fund their capital costs.”

Go to tahoeprosperity.org/speed to take the survey and speed test, which will be available until the end of October.


The Tahoe Prosperity Center is an innovative nonprofit collaborative created to champion the prosperity initiatives identified in the 2010 Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan.

Using a regional stewardship model among existing entities, the TPC is bridging the fragmented governing system and speaking in one voice to support the long-term economic, social and environmental health of the entire Basin.

Collaboration is the foundation of the Tahoe Prosperity Center. Its mission is promoting regional sustainability through economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and healthy communities in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Visit tahoeprosperity.org to learn more.