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Tahoe skiing: Simple maintenance tips from Slant Skis founder Josh Bennett

Josh Bennett founded Slant Skis in Tahoe City 10 years ago; here, he's pictured with his shop dog, Chompers.
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Slant Skis is known for cutting edge design, quality of construction, and the utilization of the most innovative materials and technologies available. Visit http://www.slantskis.com, or visit them at 1730 River Road in Tahoe City, to learn more.

TAHOE CITY, Calif. — Slant Skis, which turns 10 years old this year, promotes itself as a local one-stop-shop for quality, handcrafted skis from start to finish. Manufacturing, tuning, repairing — they do it all, and under one roof at that.

“We do it all from start to finish; graphics, cores, CNC — everything is in house,” said owner Josh Bennett, who founded Slant Skis in 2007 and moved to their current factory in Tahoe City in 2010.

“It’s really fun, I just love building things and I love skiing, For me, this all comes together as something unique and beautiful,” he added. “I get to make (the skis) how I want them. Then I get to enjoy them when I’m skiing on them.

“I wake up excited every day — I love what I do.”

We here in North Lake Tahoe are lucky to have a local ski manufacturing company in the neighborhood. Having all of the equipment readily available means Bennett can help skiers with just about any issue their skis may run into.

“We do repairs that other shops say can’t be done,” he said.

It’s unique that people can get their skis tuned by the actual manufacturer, “and we do one free season of tuning with each purchase, and a two year warranty on all Slant skis,” Bennett said.

The first step is choosing the right ski for the type of skiing you’ll be doing; whether that’s groomers, park skiing, or all mountain skis, and Bennett says Slant Skis has you covered.

“We make any ski for any skier and we can do skis for any terrain type — park skis, big, fat rocker skis, anything,” he said.

Locals and visitors should head to the shop in Tahoe City to learn more about the winter equipment that will best suit their needs. Research Slant Skis annual catalog which features a limited quantity of their finely crafted skis each season.

To ensure your skis live a long life, Bennett suggests a trio of simple, at-home practices all skiers should do to maintain their equipment:


You should wax your skis after every 1-5 days you take them out. Bennett takes care of waxing his skis after every trip.

“Maintaining wax means your skis will last longer,” he said. “When you maintain the base it not only makes the skis faster but it’s easier to ski, you get around the mountain easier in general.”

Waxing is best to do at home before heading out, and you can easily build a kit with a waxing iron, universal wax and a scraper, all of which are readily available at the plethora of ski and snowboard shops in North Lake Tahoe-Truckee.


A small touch that will make a big difference in ski maintenance is de-burring the edges. To keep edges clean, skiers should de-burr the sides using a gummy stone as often as waxing the skis.

It’s extremely easy to do and removes the small nicks that you inevitably get from sliding down the mountain.

Consult an expert

Bennett and his shop dog “Chompers” welcome fellow snow enthusiasts by to check out the Slant Skis shop, learn about their products and have their gear professionally tuned to stay in top performing shape for ski days to come.

Cassandra Walker is a features and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at cwalker@sierrasun.com, 530-550-2654 or @snow1cass.

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