Truckee inventor founds Weather-Tech Fasteners |

Truckee inventor founds Weather-Tech Fasteners

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Truckee resident David Curtis, inventor, retired roofing contractor and founder of Weather-Tech Fasteners has developed and patented a new fastener line for metal roofing and steel buildings.

Curtis was tired of the old-style, self-sealing hex head screws coming loose every year or two, even though it meant repeat work.

“The fact that people spend a lot of money maintaining their roofing screws is costing homeowners and the metal roofing industry a lot of money. It frustrates homeowners that they have to constantly pay to repair the screws,” said Curtis. “I hear it all the time, people with metal roofs want a composition roof because of the hex screws, but people with a composition roof understand that comp is also easily damaged by snow and ice freezing to it and moving like a small glacier, so they want metal, but they won’t switch because they know about the flawed old hex head screw”.

In Curtis’ opinion the reality is; “A metal roof is absolutely the strongest and best roof for snow country, but the hex head screws are the weak point.”

Curtis researched the flaws of the old hex screw for years and developed fasteners based on what he didn’t like about the hex heads.

The high profile of the hex head holds snow and ice on the roof, when it gets too heavy and slides it unscrews and breaks the old hex. Curtis’ screws are extremely low profile to let snow and ice off before it builds up to a damaging weight.

The hex wobbles and falls over when you are installing it so it must be stabilized with one hand and drilled with the other causing finger burn, cuts and metal splinters. Curtis’ screw is easily installed with one hand.

The hex head is tightened against the rubber seal like a rubber sandwich. Curtis’ screws have sharpened locking teeth that make metal to metal contact with the panel “like a bolt against an engine block” to help it stay tight.

Over tighten a hex screw and the rubber seal breaks, Curtis’ screws have a recess to trap and protect the seal.

The center hole of the hex is notorious for leaking even when the screws look tight. Curtis’ designs eliminate the center hole leaking issue.

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Curtis also developed and patented an additional line of roofing and building screws with a self-leveling head. “Those are coming next,” Curtis said. “These screws easily absorb a 20 degree off angle and max out at 35 degrees off angle.”

After attending the Truckee Home Show and the Western Roofing Expo in Reno, Curtis received a rave review from homeowners, contractors and the industry leaders.

Curtis figures that roughly 40 years of using the hex heads on roofing and steel buildings has left approximately $200 billion in old screws to be changed out to the Weather-Tech line. So WTFs is aggressively marketing the products to suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, retailers to let them know there is a way for contractors to make a lot of money while also helping the homeowner.

The WTFs team has a long-term goal to hire veterans to fill many employee positions.

“These fine folks deserve our support and we want to give them a great opportunity!” said Curtis. “But we also need to hire experienced professionals from the Truckee/Tahoe area and beyond.”

Curtis has a message to inventors and entrepreneurs: “Finding investors will age you fast in this economy but it is out there. If you hit road blocks just trample right over them. If you have a good idea and you keep pushing, your dreams can come true!

“After years of a nightmare, my investors are about to become really happy!”

Contact Curtis for a roof screw change-out, purchasing screws, or joining the Weather-Tech team call 530-414-5697 or 408-406-5555, email

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