Truckee woman finds sweet spot with hands-on healing at Bodhi Therapeutics |

Truckee woman finds sweet spot with hands-on healing at Bodhi Therapeutics

Lauri Glenn is owner of Bodhi Therapeutics (formerly Bodhi Bodywork) in Truckee, where she brings a holistic approach to her massage practice by incorporating her education and experience with illness, injury, health and wellbeing to help her clients heal their overall mind, body and spirit.
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TRUCKEE, Calif. — Over the course of two decades, Lauri Glenn tried her hand at various jobs from professional snowboarder to firefighter to yoga instructor to paramedic, but the one career pursuit she kept circling back to all those years was massage therapy.

“For a long time, I struggled with the regret of wondering if I wasted all that time in doing fire service and nursing school when I could have been focused on my (massage) practice,” said Glenn, who owns Bodhi Therapeutics – formerly Bodhi Bodywork – in Truckee. “But in hindsight, that was absolutely the path I was supposed to be on having gotten to see health and illness and disease from a very different lens, which helped me see where treatment is effective and where it’s not, and where my work can be effective, and where it’s not.”

Her path toward achieving professional success and happiness may have taken a few detours, but the round-about road is a large part of the overall philosophy toward spirituality, health and wellbeing at Bodhi Therapeutics.

“We all just want to be happy and we’re all trying to figure out how to get there, but when we realize it doesn’t have to be so complicated, we’re able to embrace that this is the path we’re meant to be taking,” Glenn said.


Born in San Francisco, Glenn spent her childhood, adolescence and college years outside of Seattle before relocating in North Lake Tahoe in her early ‘20s.

“I had decided to try to snowboard for a living, so I looked at a magazine and picked the most photographed location on the west coast, which happened to be Squaw Valley,” Glenn said.

At the time, the competitive snowboarding industry was starting to catch fire, as was Glenn’s aptitude for the sport, until a spinal compression fracture changed the course for the young athlete.

At 22 years old and at a loss with what to do next, Glenn bounced around a handful of customer services jobs before enrolling in a massage therapy program at the Phillips School of Massage in Nevada City.

“I always had my hands on people and had always been giving massages on some level since I was a kid,” Glenn said. “It was such a simple idea, but I knew I liked it and I thought it was something I could make a career out of.”

Glenn got her start at a spa through the Northstar Property Owners Association before renting an office space in town and launching her practice in Truckee in 2000.

Although her client list was growing, she decided to branch out in a slew of other career pursuits, like nursing school, firefighting and paramedics.

“I was doing well with massage, but I was young and I couldn’t envision making it an actual career — all I saw was a very narrow picture, and I thought I had to find a real job,” Glenn said. “Now that I’ve been in Tahoe for so long, and I’ve done all these other things, I’ve realized that a real job is what you make of any job, or any life for that matter.”


With her hands tied up behind the wheel of an ambulance or in fighting a wildfire, Glenn would still return to her massage practice in Truckee on a regular basis, as well as pursue continued education through courses at The Institute of Conscious Bodywork and The San Francisco School of Massage.

“That thread was grounding for me, and it was always something I was good at and was interested in,” Glenn said. “I kept finding that I liked working from the end of educating people who wanted to better their health, and massage offers a more holistic approach to the fundamental problem I see in our health care system where no one is getting to the root of the problem, they just want to put a Band-Aid on it to feel better in the immediate moment.”

But a return to massage therapy as a full-time profession meant finding her niche and honing in on what it was she was trying to achieve with her practice and her clientele base.

In establishing her practice under the new moniker, Bodhi Therapeutics, Glenn was able to pinpoint her overall goals as a massage practitioner, which delves deeper than the surface of the problem by incorporating yoga, physical therapy, nutrition and holistic healing to correct the long-term effects of chronic pain, injury, and illness.

“We have these amazing bodies that are so smart and so designed to thrive if we give them the environment to thrive in so if you have an injury and you don’t want to take care of it and instead take a bunch of medications and lay on the couch because you’re injured, you’re going to do more harm than good,” Glenn said. “But when you start integrating movement and physical therapy and yoga and nutrition and all these other healing modalities, you’re able to change the entire healing process of each unique and individual body from within.”

Jenny Goldsmith is a North Tahoe-based freelance writer and a former reporter for the Sierra Sun newspaper. Have an idea for a merchant to feature? Email her at

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