CalFire warns about escaped fires |

CalFire warns about escaped fires

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Spring is in the air and Summer is around the corner. Yes, it’s becoming that time of year to enjoy the warm sun, the outdoors, family and friends. Whether you are camping or clearing your home, creating a defensible space. Cal Fire would like to remind you there is an increased risk of escape control burns and escaped campfires this time of year.

– In July 2001, a poorly constructed campfire ignited a brush fire in the Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forest in Washington. The “Thirty Mile Fire,” destroyed nearly 10,000 acres and killed four wildland firefighters.

– In July 2000, a hot charcoal from a cooking fire ignited a 9,500 acre brush fire near Helena, Montana. The fire destroyed about 40 homes and other structures.

These are only a few fires that started out small as simple cooking fires but lead to major events.

Even though these two fires are historical events, we are still faced with the same problems each year, statewide, just this month (April 2008) Lassen County has proved to be busy with escape control burns and abandoned campfires. The recent incidents have included fires that burned up to five acres. So even though we have had snow and it is still a little on the “Chilly” side fires can happen.

Here are some fire safe burning tips for when you are enjoying the great outdoors.

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– Make sure that a responsible person is in attendance at all times

– Do not burn on windy days

– Make sure that your fire is out COMPLETELY before leaving

– Always have a water source available when burning

– Remember you can be held liable for fire suppression costs if a fire escapes

– Contact your local fire department for further information on burning safely and burn information

Cal Fire Thanks all of you for being fire safe and wants to remind you to continue your 100′ defensible space clearing around your home.

For more information on burn permit requirements, contact your local fire department or visit our website at or .