Calif. education board expected to vote this week on TTUSD funding application |

Calif. education board expected to vote this week on TTUSD funding application

Jason Shueh
Sierra Sun

TRUCKEE/TAHOE, Calif. and#8212; The school district this week could learn whether a complaint alleging a lack of communication over the past two years with English Learner parents will hold up more than $1 million in state funding.

The California State Board of Education meets Wednesday and Thursday in Sacramento, and among its action items on day one is to approve 2009-10 consolidated applications for state funding.

The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District’s application is in limbo, however, pending a ruling from the state board regarding a uniform complaint Truckee parents of English Learner students filed with the state department of education.

According to published reports, parents filed the complaint because they feel the district had not provided them sufficient communication, or allowed them sufficient input, in the design of things such as its EL Master Plan and the EL waiver program.

In a previous interview, Superintendent Steve Jennings said the district hired an outside investigator who completed a report to CDE substantiating the district’s claim to providing communication to the parents. Since then, Truckee parents appealed to the CDE for further investigation.

The state board could vote on the item Wednesday; should board members rule TTUSD to be out of compliance with state regulations, it could hold up the more than $1 million sought by filing the consolidated application.

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That possibility led the district in late January to announce it would lay off as many as 22 teachers to cover the shortfall. Jennings has repeatedly said since the announcement the layoffs are and#8220;very, very unlikely.and#8221;

District trustees on Wednesday, Feb. 25, agreed no teachers would be let go, saying the district can tap into its reserve fund account and#8212; now at 16 percent and#8212; if necessary to avoid layoffs.

and#8220;We have had some real positive meetings with the parents who’ve filed the complaint … we’re looking for continued progress,and#8221; Jennings said at the March 3 district board meeting.

Jennings said he would meet with the EL parents who filed the complaint on Monday, March 8, to discuss further details of how the district could better meet the communication needs of the parents.

Below is a description of the agenda item on Wednesday, during the state board of education’s first day of its meeting, at 1430 N Street, Room 1101, in Sacramento.

Description of Resolution Requirement: The/guardians of ELs must be informed of their child’s instructional placement and application for a parental exception waiver.

Summary of Noncompliance Issue: The did not provide proof of parent notification of child’s instructional placement or exception waiver information.

Update of Noncompliance Issue: The LEA submitted copies of policies, procedures and parent notification forms to meet the requirements of EL 10 (the noncompliant issue stated above). In addition, the district provided evidence of waiver training given to key stake-holders on how to administer parental exception waiver requests. Since the waiver issue is also part of an ongoing complaint investigation, the implementation of related policies and procedures by the district, will be examined in conjunction with the outcome of the investigation.