Caltrans to replace I-80 asphalt with concrete |

Caltrans to replace I-80 asphalt with concrete

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

Plans are now in the works to resurface five miles of Interstate 80 between the Truckee River Bridge and the state line, which will be the final phase of a rehabilitation project between the state line and Donner Summit.

Preliminary plans call for the project to begin in 2009, taking three construction seasons to replace the worn road with a new cement surface, which has a longer life-span than normal road asphalt, said Caltrans spokesperson Shelly Chernicki.

Guard rail replacement and runoff management work are also planned along the 5.4-mile stretch of the interstate, Chernicki said.

During construction, two-way traffic will be moved to one side of I-80 while work is done on the other side, divided by concrete barriers, Chernicki said.

Because the highway has three lanes in each direction over that stretch, the dividers can be moved to give either eastbound or westbound traffic two of the three lanes, depending on traffic conditions, she said.

“The decision on which direction gets two lanes will be determined by demand, it could change on a daily basis,” Chernicki said.

Work on one of the Truckee-area sections has already begun ” between Soda Springs and Donner Summit, she said, with two sections between Donner Summit and the west end of Truckee tentatively slated for 2008.

With the sections through Truckee, Boca, and Floriston already completed, the Truckee River Canyon section will be the last section to receive the pavement makeover, she said.