Caution urged for spring off-road use |

Caution urged for spring off-road use

Sun staff reports

The Tahoe National Forest is asking motorized users to avoid going around snowdrifts on roads or OHV routes, or driving in wet areas, which causes significant resource damage and can result in closures, according to officials.

Additionally, drivers can be fined for resource damage. Penalties can include a fine, restitution and community service to repair this damage.

Although this winter has been one of the driest in memory, there are still many wet and biologically fragile areas that should not be entered.

Virtually everything that had opened up in the past few weeks has become snow-covered yet again by the weekend storm. Temperatures at the 5,000-6,000 foot level are predicted to reach the 60s this week, so expect a lot of melt, wet soils, high rivers and streams.

In the Truckee Ranger District, the Castle Valley trailhead remains under 1 to 3 feet of snow.

In the south Yuba River Ranger District, the Forest Service has announced that 14 inches of snow fell on Saturday and Sunday at Big Bend. Loch Leven trailhead also received 14 inches of new snow. Bear Valley is still snow-covered, and the Rattlesnake road gate at Cisco remains closed, with 12 inches of new snow and a berm at the gate.

In the Sierraville Ranger District the Jackson Meadows road is closed.