Chief’s Corner: Do you prepare for wildfire season? |

Chief’s Corner: Do you prepare for wildfire season?

Bill Seline
Chief’s Corner

It’s hard to believe that in a few months we will be in wildfire season. I find it interesting that many people I talk to don’t have the same mindset about preparing for wildfire season as they do for preparing for winter storms.

How many of you prepare for winter by sealing the driveway, hiring a snow removal service, stain the deck, service the snowblower, cover the camper and boat, buy new ice melt, pull the shovels out of the shed, put winter tires on the car, add wiper fluid and new blades, put an extra jacket and gloves in the car, drain the sprinkler system and tie up the trees and bushes?

Do you have a similar routine to prepare your house for wildfire season?

Things like: trim the trees up and away from the house, remove dead vegetation, plant fire resistant plants and landscaping, trim the tall grass, rake up the pine needles, pick up old wood and branches, move the wood pile away from the house and cover with a fire resistant tarp, remove pine needs from the roof, create spacing between trees and shrubs, cover all vents with mesh, remove flammable items from under decks, check the fire extinguisher, make sure the address is clearly visible, have rakes and shovels readily accessible, have a garden hose long enough to reach around the house, and prepare a “Go Bag” with the most important items you want to take in an evacuation?

The consequences of not preparing for wildfire season can be deadly!

If we prepare for wildfire season at least as diligently as we prepare for winter, we will have the best chance of saving our home and our life! Go to for more information.

Bill Seline is fire chief for the Truckee Fire Protection District.