Coachland man found dead ID’d |

Coachland man found dead ID’d

Sierra Countis
Sierra Sun

Gerard Cash, 50, has been identified as the Truckee man found dead Oct. 3 in his Coachland mobile home, according to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

Notifying Cash’s next of kin was difficult because there was no immediate contact information at his home, said sheriff’s Sgt. Frank Koehler.

Investigators conducted an Internet search to locate Cash’s son in Austin, Texas.

“[Cash] seemed like a relatively solitary person,” Koehler said.

Cash worked as a mechanic at the Auto Doctor, he said.

There is a good probability carbon monoxide poisoning may have caused Cash’s death, Koehler said, however, a pending toxicology report will determine the cause of death.

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Investigators discovered a propane gas space heater in the living room of the home, where no windows were open to allow for proper ventilation, according to the sheriff’s office.