Counties ready to pick Sierra Conservancy representatives |

Counties ready to pick Sierra Conservancy representatives

NEVADA CITY – Supervisor Ted Owens will be Nevada County’s representative on a selection committee to choose a regional representative for the newly formed Sierra Nevada Conservancy.The freshman supervisor from Truckee was not at the meeting Tuesday to discuss his selection by his fellow board members because of illness. Supervisor Sue Horne will be his alternate.The conservancy was formed in September to capture state tax dollars for Sierra projects. Representatives Tim Leslie and John Laird sponsored a bill to establish the conservancy that Gov. Schwarzenegger signed on the banks of the Bear River.Both representatives wanted to assure local representation for the conservancy board, which will come in the form of a county supervisor from six different subregions of the Sierra. Nevada County’s Central Sierra subregion is lumped with Yuba, Placer and El Dorado counties. No apparent contact has been made with those counties to pick a supervisor for the conservancy board yet, but one must be selected by March 1.The budget plan Gov. Schwarzenegger issued Monday calls for $3.6 million in startup funds to pay for the conservancy and 13 1/2 positions. A local movement is afoot to land the conservancy headquarters for Nevada City.