Couple deposits sweepstakes check, charged with forgery |

Couple deposits sweepstakes check, charged with forgery

It’s always annoying when you get one of those “official” sweepstakes checks in the mail – you know, the ones that say “Pay to the order of John Doe,” followed by a ludicrously large sum and a tiny disclaimer stating that this piece of paper is not a check and is not redeemable for cash.

No matter how much you wish it was real, it’s still not a check – and wishing doesn’t make it so – not unless the sweepstakes van or Ed McMahon show up at the door with official word that you’ve won.

Neither does altering those annoying little disclaimers, which is what Nevada County Sheriff’s Office says a couple of Truckee residents did two weeks ago.

The couple, a 38-year-old woman and a 47-year-old man, allegedly took a Readers’ Digest Sweepstakes check for $22,000 and blotted out the disclaimers on it, depositing it in a local bank at the end of January.

“They modified a Readers’ Digest check for $22,000, deposited it and began writing checks on it,” Investigator Rick Christianson of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said.

The disclaimer on the back of the check was blotted out, and the one on the front was covered with handwritten notations. He said the bank discovered the forgery four days later and called authorities.

After confirming the check was bogus, a search warrant and arrest warrant were issued for the residence of John B. Premester, 47, and Dani Waldron, 38, on Sierra Drive in Truckee.

Christianson said authorities recovered evidence related to the crime in the residence, and the two suspects were arrested and charged with forgery and possession of a forged check – both felonies

They were being held on $7,500 bond apiece Wednesday.

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