Creating Community through the Truckee Chamber of Commerce for the 70th annual Top of the Town Awards Celebration (Opinion)

Jessica Penman, Columnist

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for Top of the Town – our 70th Annual Awards Celebration on Friday, September 22, at Alder Creek Adventure Center in Tahoe Donner. We are so excited to be celebrating businesses that truly showcase what it means to be part of the Truckee Community. 

Some people might wonder why community awards are so important.  At first glance, these events might seem like simple gatherings, but they hold a deeper significance. They celebrate the unsung heroes, the dedicated entrepreneurs, the innovative minds, the hardworking employees, and the pillars of the community who often work tirelessly behind the scenes to create the place we call home. Below, I have gathered my top reasons why our Annual Awards Celebration is so important. 

1. Celebrating Achievements: Top of the Town provides a platform to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and businesses that contribute positively to the community’s fabric. This recognition not only boosts the morale of the recipients, but also inspires others to aim higher and strive for excellence.

2. Fostering Community Pride: As these events spotlight local success stories, they instill a sense of pride within the community. Residents, both young and old, are reminded of the potential and opportunities that exist within our town. This collective pride creates a stronger bond among community members and encourages them to invest in continuing to help Truckee thrive. 

3. Networking and Collaboration: Top of the Town will bring together diverse segments of the community under one roof. This offers an invaluable chance for networking and collaboration among individuals, businesses, and organizations that might not have otherwise connected. New ideas can be exchanged, partnerships will be formed, and a collaborative spirit is nurtured.

4. Boosting Visibility: For both small and large businesses, receiving recognition through these awards can significantly boost their visibility. It will introduce them to a wider audience, both locally and, potentially, beyond, leading to increased patronage and support. This exposure aids in establishing a solid local customer base, which is crucial for long-term sustainability.

5. Economic Growth: Recognizing and promoting local businesses and community leaders generates a ripple effect on the economy. It enhances the community’s reputation as a hub of innovation, reliable services, and unique products. It also exposes members of our community to businesses they might not have realized exist in our town. 

6. Encouraging Innovation: By celebrating innovation and creativity, these awards events encourage individuals and businesses to think outside the box. The drive to stand out and be acknowledged motivates them to explore new ideas, technologies, and approaches that ultimately benefit the community as a whole.

We hope to see you at Top of the Town – Truckee Chamber’s 70th Annual Awards Event as we celebrate this year’s nominees in Top of the Town – Business of the Year, Non-profit of the Year, Employee of the Year, Community Impact Award and New Business of the Year.

To buy tickets or learn more visit or reach out to me, Jessica Penman President & CEO, at

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