North Tahoe Crime Logs: Fight over drink leads to 19 stitches |

North Tahoe Crime Logs: Fight over drink leads to 19 stitches

TAHOE CITY, Calif. — Below is a selection of incidents from the Placer County Sheriff’s press log for Nov. 18 through Dec. 15.

The Sierra Sun publishes crime logs for the Tahoe portion of Placer County as they are provided by PCSO, and as time and space allow.

These logs for November were emailed to the Sun on Dec. 15; and the December logs were emailed on Dec. 22. People arrested are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

November 18

11am, 5100 Block West Lake Boulevard, Homewood: Incident report taken for threatening text messages sent by a known party. Victims do not want prosecution, and the suspect was remorseful.

9pm, 1900 Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley: Suspect found sleeping on the sidewalk and subsequently detained for public intoxication. No charges were filed.

November 19

700 Block, North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City: Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect stole $3,400 in camera equipment from an unlocked vehicle.

November 24

8:45pm, Highway 28/Fabian, Tahoe City: Deputies contacted a drunk male running on the highway and arrested him for public intoxication.

November 25

11:15am, 8700 Block North Lake Boulevard, Kings Beach: Unknown male suspect rented a room for the night and took the refrigerator, microwave, a leather chair and pillows on his way out the door.

9:30pm, 400 Block Squaw Creek, Olympic Valley: Victim left her iPhone in the lobby, but it was gone by the time she realized it was missing.

November 26

7:15pm, 700 River, Tahoe City: Pursuant to a traffic stop, a male driver refused to yield, and a high-speed pursuit ensued. The suspect surrendered after crashing his vehicle into the guardrail. He admitted to being on active parole as well as smoking pot and drinking. Suspect faces seven misdemeanor charges and one felony.

November 28

9:45am, 5000 Block Northstar Drive, Truckee: Unknown suspect stole a woman’s rental skis from her vehicle while she went shopping.

November 29

1:30pm, 7600 Block Highlands View, Truckee: Unknown suspect obtained victim’s social security number to claim unemployment benefits.

November 30

3pm, Highway 28/Coon, Kings Beach: Male subject was found lying on the sidewalk and was arrested for public intoxication. He resisted arrest and attempted to kick out the window of the patrol car. An additional charge was added for resisting arrest.

7:30pm, 400 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City: Female was turned over to CHP for suspected DUI.

December 1

1am, 8500 Block North Lake Boulevard, Kings Beach: Male subject was so intoxicated that he couldn’t stand on his own. Suspect was arrested for public drunkenness.

December 2

11:30am, 1900 Block Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley: Female subject was cited for skiing on private property without a ski pass.

December 3

6:45pm, 1700 Block Squaw Loop, Olympic Valley: An intoxicated male subject was inside a business and refused to pay his bill because he claims he already paid it three times. The suspect walked out and almost hit the owner with his vehicle as he fled the scene. Report taken for defrauding an innkeeper and attempted assault.

December 4

2:30am, Deer/Speckled, Kings Beach: Three subjects were contacted in a vehicle parked on a dirt road. The passengers were smoking marijuana and drinking beers, but no driver was found. A search revealed a set of metal knuckles in the vehicle, but no one claimed ownership. The weapon was booked for destruction.

4pm, 5000 Block Northstar Drive, Truckee: A male subject was fired for being intoxicated at work. Suspect was belligerent and became violent, pushing a security officer. He was arrested for public intoxication.

December 6

8:30am, 4400 Block Snow Flower, Carnelian Bay: Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect stole a jacket and wallet from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

8:40am, 4500 Block Silver Ridge, Carnelian Bay: Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect stole 3 pairs of sunglasses from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

December 7

2pm, 6800 Block West Lake Boulevard, Tahoma: Female suspect paid for a room with a fraudulent credit card over Thanksgiving for 5 days, resulting in a $1,200 loss.

9pm, 1900 Block Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley: Female subject was taken into protective custody after causing a disturbance and being drunk in public. No charges will be filed.

December 9

12pm, 5600 Block Uplands, Agate Bay: Unknown suspect removed a radar detector and sunglasses from victim’s unlocked vehicle two nights prior

2:15pm. 200 Block Bear, Kings Beach: Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect spray-painted a drive-thru ATM machine.

December 13

5:30am, Highway 28/Coon, Kings Beach: Male subject was contacted while he was shirtless and pulling snow stakes out of the ground during freezing temperatures. Suspect was determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge.

11:30am, 400 Block Mckinney Rubicon Springs, Tahoma: Unknown suspect gained access to victim’s ATM card and made $400 in cash withdrawals.

December 14

9am, 8800 Block Brook, Kings Beach: Victim listed an item for sale on Craigslist. An unknown suspect attempted to trick victim into cashing a bank check for more money than the item was listed for. Victim filed a report.

December 15

1am, 300 Block North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City: Two male subjects got into a physical altercation over a spilled drink. The male suspect hit victim on the forehead and knocked him unconscious. The victim received 19 stitches as a result of the fight.

9am, 400 Block Secline, Kings Beach: Male suspect was arrested on violation of a restraining order and taking victim’s phone away from her, not giving her access to emergency services.

10am, 700 Block North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City: Unknown suspect cut a hole in a window screen to a business. No entry was made/nothing taken.

6pm, Wolf/Cutthroat, Kings Beach: Two subjects were contacted during a traffic stop. The male suspect was arrested for driving without a license and possession of a meth pipe. The female passenger was also arrested on several charges including possession of heroin and hypodermic needles.

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