Truckee Police Logs: Man assaults senior center worker with quarters |

Truckee Police Logs: Man assaults senior center worker with quarters

Below are select incidents from the Truckee Police Department’s press log for July 29 to August 26, along with previously unreported incidents.

July 29

Reporting party found a wallet on the side of Highway 89 South near the Donner Creek Mobile Home Park.

July 30

Victim reported fraudulent activity on his credit card. The victim did not want to pursue a continued investigation.

An unknown suspect took victim’s wallet without the knowledge of the victim. The theft occurred on Pioneer Trail.

Traffic complaint was taken for speeding in front of the reporting party’s residence on Wolfgang Road occurring in the morning and the afternoon.

Husband and wife got into a verbal dispute that escalated into physical altercation and the male sustained injuries. The wife was arrested for spousal abuse.

Neighbors witnessed a female driver run into two trees and a bear box in her driveway on Cinnabar Way. Officers arrived on the scene and found the female driver to be under the influence of alcohol and prescription pills. The female was arrested.

July 31

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violation and the driver was arrested for DUI.

Officers made contact at a residence pursuant to a neighborhood complaint on Ski Run Road. Officers discovered marijuana cultivation operation inside the residence. It was determined it was legal.

Subjects got into a physical altercation and one subject kicked the other subject’s vehicle. Neither party wanted to press charges. One subject was arrested for drunk in public.

Officers responded to a report of a cold battery at a location on Donner Pass Road. Report was taken.

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle for minor infraction. An investigation resulted in the driver being arrested for DUI.

August 1

A vehicle stop resulted in the driver being arrested for DUI.

Subjects were ejected from an establishment on Donner Pass Road. The female subject attempted to re-enter the bar and was detained by the bouncer. The subjects were arrested outside the bar on the sidewalk for being intoxicated in public.

An officer made a traffic enforcement stop foe a suspected DUI driver. The driver was subsequently arrested and booked for driving under the influence.

August 2

Officers took a report of natural cause death on Donner Pass Road.

August 3

Juvenile entered a business on Donner Pass Road with the intent to steal merchandise. He was caught by loss prevention officer while exiting the store with the stolen items and was subsequently cited and released to his father for burglary.

August 4

A subject who had been ill died of apparent natural cause. Report was taken to document the incident.

Two males were engaged in a physical altercation over a female. Both male subjects sustained minor injuries and did not wish to report the incident. Report was taken for documentation only.

Report was taken of a domestic violence situation at a residence on Saint Albans Place. an investigation identified the dominant aggressor who was subsequently arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic battery.

August 5

Officers arrested a subject for drunk in public on Brockway Road.

A subject, working for a mortgage company servicing a reverse mortgage loan, exposed himself to the home-owner. The home-owner is currently involved in litigation with the company and requested and informational report.

Missing person report was taken for a boater last known to be at Stampede Reservoir in Sierra County.

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violation on Northwoods Boulevard. The driver was found in possession of marijuana and was cited and released.

August 6

Subject threatened victim, used a branch to break a street sign and then threw the branch at the victim. The subject was arrested and booked at Wayne Brown.

Counter report was taken for traffic complaint. Numerous drivers speed through the area by the clubhouse. The report was forwarded to the Traffic Division.

A former customer of a business on Donner Pass Road has become upset and has been calling the business and leaving notes in front of and around the business and parking lot.

A male entered the local hospital and became upset with the staff. The male was asked to leave on two occasions and he became confrontational. The male was followed out of the hospital by staff and made threatening statements. The case was documented for informational purposes.

A subject found a small amount of marijuana in her house on Waters Way. The subject believes in belonged to her estranged husband and his girlfriend.

Boyfriend and girlfriend got into a verbal and physical argument while driving through Truckee. The female pulled over into a gas station on Deerfield Drive. Clerk called the police and the male suspect fled into the woods. Report was taken.

August 7

Subject left a restaurant on Donner Pass Road without paying the bill. The subject was identified and interviewed. The subject admitted to failing to pay the bill and was arrested.

Subject was causing disturbance at an establishment on Jibboom Street. The subject was located attempting to gain entry again after being removed twice. The subject was arrested for being intoxicated and under the influence of drugs in public.

Officers responded to a report of domestic violence on Jeffery Pines. One male adult was arrested for felony domestic violence, criminal threats and assault with deadly weapon. A second male adult was arrested for physically resisting a police officer. A child observed the violence and Child Protective Services were notified.

August 8

Officers were called to a physical altercation that took place in the downtown commercial row area. One subject was positively identified and subsequently arrested for battery.

A subject was turned over to California Highway Patrol for transporting bulk quantity of marijuana for sale. The subject was booked.

Traffic stop for a vehicle code violation led to the discovery of the driver being in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The driver was issued a citation for infraction possession of marijuana.

August 9

An unknown substance was peeling the paint off of a vehicle. There is possibility from a recent paint job or vandalism. Report for information was taken.

Officers were called for a subject appearing to be drunk on Donner Pass Road. The subject was located, arrested and booked for drunk in public.

Bear broke a sliding glass door and entered residence on Wellington Way. The bear ate several items in the kitchen and was scared off by the arriving units.

August 10

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violation and consistent weave within lane. The driver was arrested for DUI.

Vehicle was damaged by another vehicle during delivery runs around Truckee. The exact location and the suspect vehicle description are unknown.

August 11

Subject was reported to not be waking up and felt cold. CPR was administrated and the subject was transported to the hospital, where the subject was pronounced dead.

Aid worker assaulted a senior center employee by throwing quarters at him. The employee did not want to pursue criminal charges. The aid worker was escorted away from the property with “Stay Away” letter issued from the management.

August 12

Subject located currency on the ground during Farmers Market. The subject turned the currency into officer as found property.

Officers took a report of graffiti within Town of Truckee. The case is pending additional suspect information.

August 13

Juvenile was cited and released to parents for a theft of bicycle.

Subject was contacted during community concert on Brockway Road. The subject had three active misdemeanor warrants. The subject was cited and released on the scene.

August 14

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violations and the driver was arrested for DUI.

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violation. The driver was under the influence of alcohol above.08% and was arrested.

August 15

Suspect entered a restaurant and recognized victim from previous incident. The suspect punched the victim in the face. The suspect was located and cited and released for battery.

Officers documented vehicle “door ding” damage that occurred over long time frame at unknown location for insurance purposes.

An unknown subject stole bicycle worth approximately $600.

Bicyclist was stopped for almost colliding with vehicle and light violation. The rider was found to be very intoxicated. The subject was arrested for public intoxication and was given a citation for DUI on a bicycle.

August 16

A vehicle was stopped for an equipment violation. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

The reporting party thinks she is being stalked. There is no crime at this point.

Officers responded to a man acting “inappropriate” in a parking lot on Donner Pass Road. The subject was contacted and was determined to be drunk. The subject was arrested.

A caller reported a male and a female screaming at each other in a parking lot on Donner Pass Road. Officers arrived on scene and counseled the involved parties; no crime was committed.

A car with no license was stopped on Palisades Drive. The driver was arrested for DUI.

August 17

Female was in a verbal argument with her husband. It became physical and their daughter was injured during the physical fight. The female pointed a handgun at her husband and threatened his death. The female was arrested and held on multiple charges.

A juvenile male was involved in a mutual combat fight and suffered minor injuries.

August 18

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violations and the driver was found to be DUI and was arrested.

Reporting party believed an unknown suspect entered his property and intentionally set fire to pine cones and pine needles.

Traffic complaint was filed. The reporting party was concerned that people are not stopping at the crosswalks nearest to the hospital.

August 19

Driver was cited for mechanical violations. The vehicle appeared unregistered since purchase in 2012. Vehicle was towed. The registration was located later and the vehicle was release without fees.

A juvenile probationer placed numerous prank calls sparking a complaint by a parent.

Vehicle was stopped for vehicle code violation and the driver was arrested for being under the influence of drugs.

August 20

Male and female were involved in a verbal argument when the female closed the door on the male half three times. The male advised he does not think it was intentional but wanted the incident to be documented should something similar occur in the future.

Officers conducted a vehicle stop for a traffic violation. The driver was subsequently arrested and booked for DUI.

August 21

Bear was struck by a passing motorist.

A male who was intoxicated and was unable to care for himself was located in front of a business on Deerfield Drive. The male was arrested and booked into Nevada County Jail in Truckee.

Officers responded to a domestic dispute on Donner Pass Road. An investigation determined the argument to be verbal only.

August 22

Female subject was causing disturbance and attempting to fight the patrons at a bar on Donner Pass Road. The female was located in alley behind the bar. She was arrested for being under the influence in public. The female resisted arrest and resisted being placed inside police vehicle.

Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated driver leaving a convenience store. The vehicle was located and stopped. The driver was arrested for DUI.

Reporting party advised officers that an unknown person threw a rock at the front windshield of the reporting party’s vehicle. There is a small crack on the windshield. No suspect information.

August 23

Subject was arrested for public intoxication.

Officers observed a subject with a small bag of controlled substance in his hand. The subject was arrested and booked for possession of controlled substance.

August 24

A woman was heard screaming in her apartment on Donner Pass Road. Officers responded and found she was distraught over a death of a close friend and had been drinking. Medical personnel responded and she declined treatment.

August 25

A clerk from a business on Donner Pass Road called to report somebody was locked in the bathroom and was not responding. Officers arrived at the scene and found a female inside who was under the influence of alcohol. The female was arrested for public intoxication.

A vehicle collided into a deer causing severe injury and the deer was dispatched.

An employee of a local radio station reported finding a bicycle at the rear of the business and wanted to turn it in as found property. The bicycle was not listed as stolen and later was booked as found property at Truckee Police Department.

Subjects were arrested for trespassing after receiving citation son August 23.

Courtesy report was taken for found property found on trail between Truckee and Squaw.

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