Truckee Police Logs: March 17-23 |

Truckee Police Logs: March 17-23

Below are select incidents from the Truckee Police Department`s press log for March 17-24, along with previously unreported incidents.

March 17

• A vehicle was left abandoned after it drove into a ditch. The vehicle was towed.

• Officers took a report of two-vehicle minor injury collision.

March 18

• Victim reported his back license plate had been removed by an unknown suspect.

• Two juveniles were located in a vehicle on school grounds on Donner Pass Road. The juveniles had marijuana in the vehicle and were smoking it. Both juveniles were cited and released to their parents.

March 19

• Victim reported being the victim of identity theft after applying for benefits through the California Employment Development Department. The suspect was indentified and a copy of the report will be forwarded to the Employment Development Department along with jurisdiction where the suspect lives.

• Driver was stopped for traveling into the bicycle lane with his vehicle. Upon contact with the driver, the person was determined to be unlicensed. The driver was issued a citation and his vehicle was towed.

March 20

• An employee of a business on Donner Pass Road located an elderly dog within the facility that appeared to have been sick and abandoned. The dog owner was located and information about the dog`s current diagnosis and treatments were obtained by phone from the dog`s primary veterinarian. The dog was released back to its owner.

• Officers received anonymous report of a suspected drunk person attempting to drive a car on Levon Avenue. The suspect was located and subsequently arrested for being drunk in public.

• A juvenile skipped school and was reported missing. The juvenile was later located and returned to her mother.

March 21

• Reporting party states a neighbor got upset over a sign on the reporting party`s property and ordered the sign to be removed. The reporting party took the order as threat. Informational report was taken.

March 22

• Driver was stopped for weaving within lane and vehicle code violations. The driver was found to be DUI and was arrested.

• Reporting party reported an unknown person stole a coin machine out of the trailer park laundry mat.

March 23

• A traffic stop for a minor vehicle code violation resulted in the driver being arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

• A fight between two men occurred downtown. At one point in the fight, the suspect pushed his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The subject was arrested for domestic battery.