Vandals deface Lake Tahoe’s Cave Rock with graffiti |

Vandals deface Lake Tahoe’s Cave Rock with graffiti

Staff report

ZEPHYR COVE, Nev. — The U.S. Forest Service is consulting with the Washoe Tribe after a report this week of graffiti vandalism at Lake Tahoe’s iconic Cave Rock.

The agency confirmed there was graffiti at the historic site on the lake’s east shore, but wouldn’t comment further until they consulted with the tribe.

Ryan Miller, a South Shore business owner and resident, said Monday that he saw graffiti scrawled across a rock face at the cultural site while taking a walk.

“It is just staring you in the face like a blatant disregard of the history of the area,” Miller said.

He added that the apparent vandalism appeared to have been done recently.

The Washoe Tribe considers Cave Rock a sacred place and has a strong voice on recreational activities at the site.

Miller, the resident who initially reported the graffiti, said the person who committed the act should be found and punished accordingly.

“It’s just a shame because these people don’t seem to respect the history or culture,” Miller said.