Crystal Bay roads revisited |

Crystal Bay roads revisited

Annie Flanzraich
Sierra Sun

CRYSTAL BAY “-The Washoe County Board of Commissioners will revist the Crystal Bay road redesign in January after a North Tahoe citizen group appealed the Planning Commissions approval made earlier this month.

“We just want parody from what we had and we’re going to pursue that,” said Ann Nichols, president of the North Tahoe Preservation Alliance, the group appealing the decision. “We want a public road for a public road.”

Earlier in November, the Washoe County Planning Commission approved a redesign of Crystal Bay roads around the proposed Boulder Bay resort development, which would be built on the Tahoe Biltmore and former Tahoe Mariner sites.

This new appeal, set to be heard Jan. 13 by the board of commissioners, is the second appeal regarding a planning commission decision about the Crystal Bay roads.

On Nov. 5 the board approved the abandonment of the southernmost 1,060 feet of Wassou Road, the southernmost 113 feet of Lake View Avenue and all of Reservoir Drive. It also approved a slope variance for southern facing Lake View Avenue from 10 percent to 12.5 percent.

The road redesign provides another exit from the neighborhood to State Route 28 by connecting Wassou Road to the proposed new 20-foot-wide private driveway with public easement, dubbed Wellness Way. Wellness Way would be a privately maintained street that would be heated for snowmelt.

However, Nichols said the Alliance believes the proposed Wellness Way does not provide the same access and safety that Reservoir Road currently does.

In June, the Washoe County Commissioners upheld an appeal to Boulder Bay’s first proposed road redesign, previously approved by the Washoe County Planning Commission in May. That first design would have eliminated Reservoir Road and realigned Wassou Road to meet with Lake View Avenue. Lake View Avenue would have been extended to meet with Stateline Road. That plan did not include a fourth egress to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The county commissioners upheld the appeal brought by Nichols, a Crystal Bay Realtor then representing the Friends of Crystal Bay/Brockway. The commission also asked the developer to create a road that would include a fourth egress.

Boulder Bay has done that with Wellness Way, said project manager Brian Helm.

“We feel the solution presented was that of the community, TRPA and the County,” he said. “We’re comfortable with the meets we had and we’re going forward.”