Details emerge on Reno girl with swine flu |

Details emerge on Reno girl with swine flu

RENO ” A two-year-old Reno girl is at home receiving anti-viral medication after contracting the swine flu, said Dr. Mary Anderson, Washoe County health officer.

The girl was part of the four individuals identified Friday as being tested for the virus. Two were in Carson, one in Vegas, one in Reno. All other cases were dismissed. The girl’s case was sent to the CDC as inconclusive, and then later it was verified as the swine flu.

The young girl did not travel outside of Reno, Nevada or the country, Anderson said. The girl, however, did attend daycare, and officials did not disclose which Reno daycare center. Officials did say the daycare provider has been notified.

It is unknown at this time how the girl contacted the flu. Anderson said the CDC stated that 85 percent of the cases of swine flu do not have a connection to Mexico.

It’s likely the virus has been circulating for a long time, and only due to the recent attention on cases in Mexico have they started testing for it, Anderson said. It’s also likely people have had the virus and recovered without ever knowing it.

There are no other cases under surveillance in Nevada at this time, Anderson said. There are 60 surveillance sites across the state.

Nevada has 140,000 treatment courses of Tamiflu; the CDC is delivering 86,000 more.

The state health department will supply Tamiflu to doctors, clinics, pharmacies as needed and there are no shortages at this point, Anderson said.

Tamiflu is available by prescription only. The CDC is not recommending it be used as a prophylactic at this point. It is not effective as a prevention measure, nor is Relenza.

The best prevention is personal hygiene. If you should sneeze direct it into your elbow to avoid the 3-6 feet spray of droplets if you are without a tissue. Anti-bacterial wipes should be used on shared items, such as phones, keyboards, etc.

The CDC and state are not recommending masks at this time.

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