Detour for I-80 westbound traffic today |

Detour for I-80 westbound traffic today

Local motorists can expect heavy truck traffic on Highway 20 and Highway 49 today between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

A detour caused by roadwork on westbound Interstate 80, between the Secret Town exit and the State Route 174 junction in Colfax, will send trucks through Grass Valley, according to Caltrans.

Westbound autos will detour via Rollins Lake Road before merging back onto I-80, Caltrans said.

The detour will be about 68 miles for the trucks and six miles for autos, according to information from Caltrans. The California Highway Patrol will direct trucks and vehicles at the two detours, Caltrans said.

Motorists can expect 20 to 30 minute delays and are advised to drive cautiously through the detours, Caltrans added.

“We are closing it to do the much needed maintenance work,” said Shelly Chernicki, a spokeswoman with Caltrans District 3. “This is the safest way possible to do the work by shutting the roads. The stretch of the road has a very steep downhill grade and very narrow shoulders. If we were to do a lane closure, there is nowhere for anyone to go if there was an accident.”

The scheduled roadwork includes repair of 400 feet of damaged guardrail, cutting back encroaching bushes and spraying the median wall and fire strips with herbicide.