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Did you know … How Norden got its name?

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

Ryan Salm/Sierra Sun file photo

The South Yuba Water Company built a dam in 1900 on Donner Summit, and named the resulting reservoir Lake Van Norden to honor Dr. Charles Van Norden.

In 1927 with the establishment of a post office, the region was officially designated Norden after the lake.

The Union Pacific Railroad maintains a turntable and a station in Norden, which passengers still pass through, as well as some of the original snowsheds that protect 38 miles of the track from the 30 feet of snow the Donner Summit region receives annually.

The track itself, as it passes through Norden, is referred to as “The Hill” by railroaders, as it was one of the toughest tracks in the country to construct.

Norden was also one of the last stretches of Interstate 80 completed in the Sierra Nevada, finished in 1964.