Do you believe in Ghosts? Catch one at the Truckee Hotel’s Ghost Hunt |

Do you believe in Ghosts? Catch one at the Truckee Hotel’s Ghost Hunt

Amy Edgett/Sierra Sun

“Oh yea I believe in ghosts,” said 13-year-old Bryson Olson, perched in the Truckee Hotel lobby. “I want to see what one looks like.”

Olson visited downtown Truckee with his third grade class and has been ghost hunting ever since. He visits the Truckee Hotel often, and has gathered an impressive list of ghost tales from the staff. The hotel originally opened as the American House in 1873. It’s history of hauntings ranges from souls lost in a 1909 fire, to a kidnapped girl whose spirit is said to reside on the fourth floor.

“I ask if they [the staff] has seen her,” said Olson. “Sometimes she’s upstairs by the heater vent.”

Children 13 and under (parental supervision suggested) are invited to see for themselves at the Truckee Hotel’s first Ghost Tour, Oct. 31, from 5 to 9 p.m.

Manager Tim Tonachella is building up the creep factor with lights, carved pumpkins and a P.A. system. “I heard stories that people didn’t know if the hotel was open or closed because of ghosts,” he said. “Now they can come in and find out for themselves.”

The staff will be in costume and perform skits throughout the Ghost Hunt, with a free treat at the end for each child while supplies last. There will be a free raffle for a Thanksgiving stay and Enterprise car rental for holiday guests. For information, call 587-4444. Moody’s will be passing out Northern California apples next door.