Don Rogers & Rob Galloway: Why Best Of makes sense now for Truckee Tahoe |

Don Rogers & Rob Galloway: Why Best Of makes sense now for Truckee Tahoe

Don Rogers
and Rob Galloway
For the Sierra Sun

It’s been a long year so far. Let’s have some fun.

By this time of a “normal” year, we would have crowned the winners of the annual Best of Truckee and North Lake Tahoe contest. Instead, when we would have normally been nominating and voting for our favorite businesses, we were wading in uncertainty with COVID-19.

Rather than launch a contest that celebrated our businesses with many of them closed, we thought it might be wiser to wait until things started opening back up and we all had a better grasp on how we’d be living our lives.

Fast forward three months and while, for the most part, we have seen many of our businesses back open for business, we are in a similar place as far as the pandemic is concerned.

It may be confusing to then see the nominations for the 2020 Best of Tahoe starting today, Friday, July 31. Why launch them now if things are similar to what they were in April? Well, not everything is the same.

The pandemic has taught us many things. One of which is that our local businesses need our support. Yes, that support could come in many ways and we’re certain all businesses are appreciative of everything you have provided during these past few months — but this specific support only happens once a year.

In a time like this, having something to focus on, a diversion, something positive, that rallies support for our local businesses seems like it’s needed. If you’re like us, you’re tired of the negativity and disruption this pandemic has caused.

Let’s channel that energy into something more encouraging. Let’s give businesses a boost of confidence to help them get through these tough times and show them hope is on the horizon. It may be exactly what they need to help them fight another day and let them know the community supports them.

That doesn’t mean support comes without competition. Many of you know winning is something these businesses look forward to every year. Why? Because it shows there’s support among peers and customers for what they’re doing.

No business owner wants to feel unsupported. That’s why many of them get behind this and encourage their friends, family and customers to vote. It’s those votes that provide the drive for them to keep delivering their services that make the communities we live in so unique.

It’s also those votes that make this contest so fun each year. Will my favorite sushi place win this year? Will my vet ever get the recognition they deserve? It all starts with the nominations.

Just like last year, the contest will have an entire month for people to submit their nominations in over 100 categories. The top nominated businesses in each category will move to the finals where over the span of two weeks (Sept. 14-28), voting will determine the champion. One nomination doesn’t guarantee you a spot so it’s critical to amass as many as possible.

We realize this year has caused many businesses and community members to change they way they go about their day. We have added some 2020 specific categories to help recognize some of you that have had to pivot in unusual, albeit successful, ways.

Look, we understand this contest can get spirited. We urge you this year to use this as a way to look for the positive in the community. Use this as an option to get away from the bad and focus on your favorites. We’re certain the businesses you support will be appreciative and it may, at least for a moment, put a smile on your face — something we all can use more of these days.

To make your nominations, visit us at

Rob Galloway is the publisher of the South Lake Tahoe Tribune and advertising director of the Sierra Sun. He can be reached at or 530-542-8046. Don Rogers is the publisher of the Sierra Sun and The Union, based in Grass Valley. He can be reached at or 530-477-4299.

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