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Dr. Triestman certified in ‘Active Palpation’

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Barry Triestman, D.C., has just completed Active Release Techniques Active Palpation and has recertified full body. This was done with Dr. Michael Leahy, the founder of Active Release Techniques and Dr. Greg Rose, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute at the Titleist Performance Institutes Campus in Oceanside, Calif.

“It was very exciting and educational to be at the Titleist facility. This facility is the best golf performance and injury rehabilitation site in the world,” said Triestman. “They have the ability to analyze and correct golf problems with the latest technology and knowledge. This is where the best of the LPGA and PGA in golf go if they have a problem that there local experts cannot help them with. The training that I have gotten there will enable me to get golfers back to play faster, increase golf performance, and decrease future injuries.”

Dr. Triestman’s knowledge and training will help players of all skill levels correct body limitations that may be due to old injuries and other limitations. The combination of the Active Release Techniques and the TPI certification brings care to a higher level.

Dr. Triestman says: “Don’t get good get great!”

He can be reached at 530-550-1688 or through his website truckeechriopractor.com. For more info on the Titleist Performance Institute go to mytpi.com.