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DUI suspect identified in Glenshire crash

Officers responded to an accident on Glenshire Drive in the early hours of Tuesday morning, July 3.

The Town of Truckee Police Department responded to a single-vehicle accident early Tuesday morning involving a 2007 Subaru Forester.

An off-duty officer reported the vehicle was traveling westbound on Glenshire Drive, between Dorchester Drive and Berkshire Circle, at around 60 mph, according to Lt. Allen McKay, before drifting to the right side of the road and hitting large, decorative rocks.

The vehicle then became airborne, according to McKay, and was 11 feet off the ground when it struck a tree. The vehicle would then hit another tree roughly 9 feet above the ground, before coming to a rest well off the road. The vehicle was totaled.

The driver, identified as 19-year-old Giuliano Demattei, was subsequently arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. Demattei was not under the influence of alcohol, according to McKay, but officers did find evidence within the vehicle suggesting use of narcotics.

Demattei was wearing a seatbelt and suffered only minor injuries.

Ahead of one of the busiest holidays in the region, the police department posted a message on its Facebook page, reminding locals and visitors to avoid drinking and driving.

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“As we enter one of our busiest weeks of the year in Truckee, we would like to remind residents and visitors alike to not drink and drive,” the department posted.

Fourth of July DUI fatalities and injuries

2017: 17 dead / 430 injured
2016: 10 dead / 414 injured
2015: 14 dead / 266 injured
2014: 20 dead
2013: 28 dead

Courtesy of Town of Truckee Police Department