EAT This Week: 1882 Bar & Grill’s Brisket Sandwich

To try and decide each week where and what to eat in and around the basin can be a challenge – there are so many amazing choices. In this feature we’ll dive into dishes that will surely satisfy those hunger pangs and leave you wondering where to go next.

I’m not sure about you, but anytime the word brisket is uttered, my mouth immediately puckers up and starts salivating. It’s a flavor that is burned into my psyche (and taste buds) so when the opportunity arises to go full primal on this beautiful cut of beef, I can’t resist. I mean, anything with a single name like brisket (think Beyonce, Zendaya, Prince, or Eminem), you know it’s straight up legit.

1882 Bar & Grill’s Brisket Sandwich
Rob Galloway / Sierra Sun

But, before we get too far down the road with 1882’s version, let’s give a quick recap of the brisket for the newbies out there. This beef cut comes from the lower chest and because it has so much connective tissue coursing through it (mainly to support body weight), it takes a while to break it down. Before going on the smoker, the brisket gets a 24-hour brine with brown sugar and salt.

Their smoking process is a combination of both covered and uncovered that includes punches of flavor from garlic and molasses. What’s pulled from the smoker is a nearly black crusty exterior (a.k.a. bark) that wraps supremely juicy meat. Each portion is sliced to order and shows off that delicate pink smoke ring that encases a meltingly tender piece of meat that has just the right amount of chew. It’s also cut correct, which should not be overlooked. Anything that’s not against the grain will become tougher to chew, but no need to worry here – it’s perfectly carved, which yields insane tenderness.

If you want to add a sauce they are always fresh and made in house. If you go with the spicier option that features fresh cut jalapenos, you won’t regret it. You also get the option to choose a side and while French fries are always a nice go-to, their mac and cheese, which highlights sharp cheddar and heavy cream, is their most popular – and for good reason.

1882 Bar & Grill is located at 10008 E. River St. in Truckee (connected to the River Street Inn). For menu and general information visit them online at or reach them by phone at 530-550-9222.

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