EAT This Week: Old Town Tap’s Heirloom Tomato Salad

This week's featured EAT dish is Old Town Tap’s Heirloom Tomato Salad.
Robert Galloway/Sierra Sun

To try and decide each week where and what to eat around the basin can be a challenge — there are so many amazing choices. In this feature we’ll dive into dishes that will surely satisfy those hunger pangs and leave you wondering where to go next. 

What’s the one ingredient that screams summertime food for you? For me, I think it’s the tomato. It might be because by the end of summer my wife and I are practically shoving them in our neighbor’s pockets because we have so many from our garden, but there’s nothing quite like a homegrown summer tomato – especially in this week’s feature. 

Old Town Tap’s tomato flavor in this dish is next level. Fresh heirloom tomatoes from the Tahoe Food Hub, combined with a scratch-made pesto and some of the best burrata my lips have touched, this plate comes singing and dancing all the way to your taste buds. 

I could easily eat an heirloom tomato like Bugs Bunny eats a carrot, but the pairing of their subtle smoky sweetness with the earthy sweetness from the pesto is such a great pairing that you’re going to want it this way moving forward for the rest of time. Sadly, the heirloom has only a short window for growing, so this salad is only available during the peak summer season. 

However, lucky for us, it is indeed available. Also lucky for us, it includes the addition of a super silky, rich, but also delicate, burrata. The cheese serves as the center point of the dish and is topped with a touch of sea salt, lemon zest, aged balsamic, pine nuts, and freshly julienned basil. 

All together, this dish is summer personified. Freshness overload with textures coming from the pine nuts and tomatoes, creaminess from the burrata, tanginess from the balsamic, and an herb-y punch from the fresh basil and pesto — it’s like your best friend on a warm summer day. 

Old Town Tap is located at 10164 Donner Pass Rd. in Truckee. For menus and general information visit them online at or reach them by phone at 530-563-5233. 

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