EAT This Week: Tahoe Fuller’s Cubano

To try and decide each week where and what to eat in and around the basin can be a challenge – there are so many amazing choices. In this feature we’ll dive into dishes that will surely satisfy those hunger pangs and leave you wondering where to go next.

I’m not one to take Cuban sandwiches lightly. If I boiled my favorite sandwich choices down, they probably would come out on top – at the very least, top three. I’ve even thought about going on a hunt throughout all of Truckee and Tahoe to find the best Cuban in all of the land – I’m that much invested in the sandwich. So when I come across one that could very well be at the top of this imagined list, I have to take note. Spoiler alert: I’m talking about this week’s feature.

For me, the best Cuban sandwiches are when the dynamic duo of (mojo) roasted pork and ham come together in insanely tasty fashion. That box is checked with an oversized checkmark here. The pork is super juicy with layered flavors and the thickly sliced ham is the perfect compliment. But, this sandwich one-ups itself with the triple-down addition of soppressata (a dry cured Italian salami). All of these meats working in tandem provide the heavy lifting of flavor, but that doesn’t mean the other components aren’t important.

Tahoe Fuller’s Cubano
Rob Galloway / Sierra Sun

This sandwich also contains the staples of pickles, a melted cheese blend, Dijon mustard, and aioli, but where it amps up the effort yet again is in the garlic-seared and pressed Italian roll. Part of the allure of a Cuban is getting that sandwich pressed down to where each bite packs a ton of flavor, but that caramelized addition of the seasoned garlic on the outside of the bread is, I think, what helps send this sailing to the top of the charts.

My jowls are soaked just thinking about this sandwich, which is probably another good indicator of being at the top of a list. While I can’t say for certain if this is indeed the top of the Cuban food chain in the greater Truckee-Tahoe region, I can say it’s at least up there with the ones I’ve tried. Maybe it’s time to start that challenge … that glorious Cuban tasting challenge.

Tahoe Fuller’s is located at 950 North Lake Tahoe Blvd, Suite 102 in Tahoe City. For more information visit them online at or reach them via phone at 530-428-5386.

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