Eco-friendly snowboards hot in Truckee |

Eco-friendly snowboards hot in Truckee

Seth Lightcap
Seth Lightcap/Sierra Sun

What eco-friendly snowboards are you selling this season? We have the Smokin’ Mike Basich pro model, the K2 Zero and a full line of Lib Technologies.

What makes these boards green?

The Smokin’ Basich has recycled sidewalls and a wood core that Basich milled himself from a fallen tree in Kingvale, Calif. The K2 Zero is the lightest board in production, so it uses significantly less materials than your average board including no ABS plastic. All Lib Technologies boards have top sheets made from non-petroleum based castor bean bio-plastic, soy-based sidewalls and the Lib Tech factory runs on bio-diesel and recycles all its scrap plastics by regrinding them into new materials.

Do you carry any green bindings?

Yes, we have the Burton Green Mountain Product Cartel EST that are built out of recycled materials.

Why do you feel it’s important for the snowboard industry to go green?

Skiing and snowboarding will either live or die with the environment so it’s important to support any means of reducing our footprint. Otherwise we won’t be snowboarding anymore.

Do you have customers coming in asking about green products?

Surprisingly, not as much as you would think. There is limited awareness of the green boards because the sport is performance driven and there aren’t a lot of green options in what people want to ride. I’ll bring it up to people though and they’re always stoked to hear about it. Next season I think it will be a bigger thing.

Do you think customers would pay more for green products?

To a reasonable extent. Everyone wants to feel good about their eco-footprint, but there is a limit to how much people can afford to support it. If a green board was more than $100 more than a regular one it would be a tough sell.

Will you be carrying more green products next season?

Definitely. The customers are interested in it and we are committed to helping the environment however we can. I have heard of a bunch of new green products that will be available for next season.

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