CHP-Truckee presents school bus drivers with safe driving awards |

CHP-Truckee presents school bus drivers with safe driving awards

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From left: Phil Mix, Nanette Rondeau, Capt. Stonebraker, LaVan Rassuchine, TTUSD Superitendent Robert Leri, Sherry Schlegel, Dina Krider, Desiree Jones, Deena Schmitt, Officer DeMarcus Lack, Kathie App, Todd Rivera (TTUSD Executive Director Busines Services), Dawn Parkhurst, Denise Clark, Jorge Maranon and CHP School Bus Officer Steve Bruener.
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TAHOE-TRUCKEE, Calif. — On Aug. 30, Capt. Ryan Stonebraker of the Truckee Area California Highway Patrol recognized 10 Tahoe Truckee Unified School District bus drivers for their outstanding safety record and presented each of them with safe driving awards.

Student safety is a top priority for the district. CHP and TTUSD have a strong partnership that supports student success through safe and efficient transportation.

As part of their collaboration, the CHP recognizes safe driving records of the district’s bus drivers, each year, in five-year increments.

The following TTUSD School Bus Drivers were recognized:

Katherine App: 35 years

Denise Clark: 30 years

Dina Kride: 20 years

Nanette Rondeau: 20 years

Phil Mix: 10 years

Dawn Parkhurst:10 years

Desiree Jones: 10 years

Sherry Schlegel:10 years

Jorge Maranon: 5 years

LaVan Rassuchine: 5 years

Nanette Rondeau, TTUSD’s Transportation Director, shared, “These awards are a testament to the rigorous training we provide for our highly qualified staff. Our transportation department travels more than 500,000 miles per year and transports over 3,000 students daily. The bus drivers are trained to drive in hazardous conditions including inclement weather. Maintaining an accident-free driving record under these conditions is quite extraordinary!”

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