Glass Half Full: Social media does have its great moments |

Glass Half Full: Social media does have its great moments

Social media: the bane and blessing of our existence, right? So much is posted that is negative or political — or both. Yet, reasons to celebrate, like birthdays and Mother’s Day, serve as lovely reminders of the positive power of social media.

My birthday and Mother’s Day fell within the same week this year. The number of posts related to both events was rather astonishing. We may consider ourselves somewhat geographically isolated here in Incline Village. The internet is unaware of that condition.

Working backwards, what fun it was to see so many mothers honored and remembered. Old photos; recent photos; moms and their children, oh-so-young; moms and their children, both stooped and greying. A veritable kaleidoscope of life and reminder of ages and stages that we sometimes take for granted — until we lose them.

Each Mother’s Day season I learn a little more about the history of my friends, gain a bit more appreciation for the realities in their lives. Every year I stop to appreciate how very fortunate I am and have been in the mother and daughters departments, and to honor those not so blessed.

On the birthday front, Lake Tahoe School is the 9th educational institution in which I have served over the course of a 45-year career. What I loved about this year’s birthday wishes was the fact that they represented all nine of those beloved communities, in addition to family and childhood friendships. If Mother’s Day postings were a kaleidoscope, birthday posts mirrored a rainbow with a distinct pot of gold at the end.

Thirty-five years ago I taught fifth grade in a little independent school in Bethesda, Md. One spring day I happened to mention that I had lived in Japan the year after Wayne and I were married.

Somebody observed that he thought I was from Denver. Actually, as I shared with the class, I grew up in Ojai, Calif., and had lived in several places since then. It was easy to see a bit of confusion and surprise reflected in some of the children’s faces.

Leave it to youngsters, however, to add essential perspective. Mark Knepshield, he of the deep brown eyes and ready smile, voiced rather quickly what has become a mantra for me.

“You must have a lot of friends,” he declared with satisfaction. Lucky me; so I do. Thanks, Facebook for never letting me forget that. And thanks, Incline Village, for introducing me to so many new friends.

Ruth Glass is headmaster at Lake Tahoe School. She can be reached for comment through her blog at

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