Lake Tahoe School scientists vying for pass to regional fair |

Lake Tahoe School scientists vying for pass to regional fair

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A Lake Tahoe School student works on his science fair project.

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — As Lake Tahoe School ramps up for next week's Science Fair — the culmination of six weeks of student-driven hypotheses, trial and error, recording and rerecording data — eyes are already turning toward the proverbial "Big Stage."

"Historically, we've had really great success at the Western Nevada Regional Science and Engineering Fair, and this is a huge fair," said LTS Elementary Science Teacher Wendy Losee. "Over half of our kids win something every year at the Regional Fair."

Science fair project submissions are required of all the fourth- through seventh-graders at LTS, and encouraged from students in grades K-3.

Last year, there were so many submissions from K-3 that the school's Science Fair spilled out from the LTS flex room to displays in the school cafeteria, said Losee.

Among this year's projects are the following:

Fourth-grader Ivy Batmale is conducting a study on the effects of eating acidic or alkaline foods, and whether consumption of each kind of food changes the Ph of one's saliva within two hours.

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Fourth-grader Rowan Hatchett is studying whether one can be genetically predisposed to being a normal taster, a super taster, a recessive super taster, or a dominant super taster.

Fifth-grader Kenna Bacon-Mirzayan is studying the effects of music on people's moods — from pop to jazz and classical.

Fourth-grader Carly Weinberger — who said she found herself frustrated on her camping expeditions by having bright headlamps shining in her eyes when her co-campers would turn to address her after dark — is working to develop a color filter for a headlamp that could rectify that annoyance for camping enthusiasts.

Lake Tahoe School will open its science fair to the public on Wednesday, Feb. 11, from 4-5 p.m. in the school's flex room.

Judges will send nine of the school's students from grades 5-7 to the Regional Science Fair — three from each grade.

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