Little Free Bookshelf brings books to Incline students |

Little Free Bookshelf brings books to Incline students

Special to the Bonanza

Students at IES enjoy the new Free Little Bookshelf.

Incline Elementary School now has its very own Little Free Bookshelf in the front lobby of the school that promotes equity in accessibility to education, specifically literacy.

The purpose of the Little Free Bookshelf is to make sure that all kids have books that they enjoy and can engage with in their home at all times.

What makes the Little Free Bookshelf special is that it belongs to everyone in the community. Once a book goes on the bookshelf, anyone is allowed to take it  for as long as they want. Students and community members are at the same time encouraged to put books on the shelves themselves if they find they don't want to read a book they own anymore because they can read at a higher level or they have read it enough times.

In this way the Little Free Bookshelf provides students and community members with a place to bring loved books to share with others and take new ones they haven't yet explored.

In addition to promoting a culture of reading within the home, the purpose of the Little Free Bookshelf is also to provide an example of sharing and promote a concept of community membership that they can directly participate in.

Incline Elementary School faculty and staff have been bringing students by to talk about the purpose and the process of participating in the new Little Free Bookshelf and the importance of respecting each other and each other's books by loving them and taking care of them.

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Thursday, Nov. 7 was "Bring Someone Special to School Day" at Incline Elementary, and many students and parents were able to explore this new addition to their school together, with some already finding books to take home.