Story pirates invade Incline Elementary |

Story pirates invade Incline Elementary

According to the school, bringing Story Pirates to Incline Elementary is part of a larger literacy program being launched this year as a school-wide initiative to improve all students’ proficiency in reading and writing.

On Nov. 6, Incline Elementary School welcomed the Story Pirates for the first time for a school-wide performance in the multi-purpose room. Story Pirates is a collaborative group of trained educators and performers who use acting to get kids excited about storytelling and encourage them to consider the writing process and create original stories of their own.

IES worked directly with Arts For the Schools in Truckee, who facilitated Story Pirates' trip to area schools, and the Incline Elementary School PTA funded the organization of the assembly at IES.

Students wrote stories individually and as a class and mailed them to Story Pirates headquarters in Los Angeles prior to the event, and the Story Pirates read each one of their submissions.

The students knew they had a chance of seeing their class's very own story performed at the assembly, and Ms. Mintz's first-grade class received the pleasure of seeing their story, "The Vail Vampire," performed before the entire student body.

The multi-purpose room was filled with laughter at the continuous banter and facial expressions shared among the actors, silence as plots thickened within each story, and call and response between the actors and the students.

The Story Pirates closed their performance by engaging students in the creation of a story with ideas from several students in the audience that the actors used to inform their dialogue, so the students could see a story come alive in the moment it was created.

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Both students and teachers were enamored with the performance, and teachers were especially impressed with the ability of the Story Pirates' performance to hold the attention of their students for an entire hour without interruption.

— Special to the Bonanza