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Tahoe Fund grants $5,000 for UV light pilot project

Special to the Bonanza

The Tahoe Fund recently announced it is providing funds for a project that will evaluate UV light as a new method to remove aquatic invasive weeds.

This pilot program at Lakeside Marina and Beach in South Lake Tahoe could change the way aquatic invasive weeds are controlled in Tahoe’s watershed.

The $5,000 grant to the Tahoe Resource Conservation District will help secure more than $350,000 in public and private funds to help get the project started this year.

Once the initial campaign goal of $100,000 is reached, the Tahoe Fund will request project ideas that are in need of early-stage funding to get started.

The Tahoe Resource Conservation District has partnered with Inventive Resources, Inc. to develop a pilot project to explore the feasibility of using UV light technology to treat and control aquatic invasive plant infestations.

If determined to be feasible, UV treatment could avoid the need to use chemical herbicides to treat aquatic invasive weeds in the Tahoe Keys, which are of great concern to drinking water suppliers.

The Tahoe Fund grant will unlock funds from the California Tahoe Conservancy’s SB 630 program and potentially additional federal funds in the future.