TRPA seeks public input for Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan |

TRPA seeks public input for Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan

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The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is seeking community input at two upcoming workshops to help guide creation of a Shoreline Plan that protects Lake Tahoe’s scenic shoreline and enhances recreational access to the lake.

The shoreline is where most residents and millions of visitors interact with Lake Tahoe. The Shoreline Plan aims to balance use of structures like piers, buoys and marinas while protecting the environment and ensuring recreational access to the lake.

Community workshops on Wednesday, Sept. 21 (North Tahoe Event Center, Kings Beach, 6-8 p.m.), and Thursday, Nov. 3 (TRPA office, Stateline, 6-8 p.m.), offer an opportunity for the public to share input for the Shoreline Plan as part of the inclusive, open planning process.

The Shoreline Plan will be developed over the next two years and will draw on significant community input and rigorous scientific study to create updated standards and regulations for shoreline structures such as piers, buoys and boat ramps.

The plan aims to address recreational access, marinas, boating, permitting processes, low lake water levels and environmental effects on the lake.

Because the Lake Tahoe Basin has a mix of shoreline ownership and is world-renowned for its water clarity and natural beauty, agreed-upon standards for structures such as piers, buoys, and boat ramps have historically been challenging to attain.

This article was provided by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. To learn more about the Shoreline Plan or sign up for information about upcoming meetings, visit