Feedback – April 6, 2019 |

Feedback – April 6, 2019

The following comments were posted at or the Sierra Sun’s Facebook page:

On “On Your Market – For the love of mountains, outdoors”:

Jason Johnston — As locals we need to regulate the usage of the real estate. Nationally, there is a housing crisis in most every tourist location that has pushed the local communities to the brink. Most have to move out of the areas to purchase a house. The industries around the area find it harder and harder to find or even keep employees. Chasing the almighty dollar and not having a plan for the usage of land and housing in the areas has strangled the average person out of the areas.

Clayton Dewberry — Truckee has a entry level housing issue because the city and county increased fixed costs so much that builders have to build larger to cover cost, make a profit, and also build what buyers want. The fix starts with government incentives for starter housing.

Leigh Dexter — It’s not just tourist locations. There is a housing crisis in all parts of California. There is a growing income disparity in most parts of the country, and wage growth has not kept pace with cost of living. Add to that a growing population — California has more than doubled its population since the mid-’70s. I mean, with just the coming IPO of Lyft alone, the employees of that company could buy all the remaining available real-estate in the Bay Area in its entirety.

Mike Beallo — First of all, you can’t tax when there isn’t a transaction, so limiting vacation rentals is not the solution. But I think the solution is using TOT money from the short-term rental tax collected from whichever state and whichever county in Truckee Tahoe needs to go into a fund to build a large workforce housing complex that people can rent for cheap.

Justin Stout — Does anyone else notice that it’s always the people who profit from real-estate and/or the developers who claim we need constant growth and that without these large multi-million dollar houses or projects Tahoe/Truckee can’t survive? They act like the rest of us owe them and should be grateful for them.

Tom Cal — Realtors already have the vast and powerful lobbying effort of the National Association of Realtors ensuring their commercial focused opinions are heard. Please use your newspaper to help people whose voices are less heard and unheard are also heard. Please also clearly and up front disclose real and potential conflicts of interest you have, as a newspaper that earns meaningful revenue from Realtors.

Gerald Palmer — Our roads can’t handle more people.

On “Snowpack measurements reveal ‘water supply dream’ in mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe:

Jim LaFrom — Still under to refill the underground aquifers in the Central Valley.

Dick White — Too bad we don’t have some more places to store water in big years. There had been talk of off stream storage for decades. Not a single project has gotten done. And many existing water projects are in need of major upgrades. What happened to the water bill 10 years ago and all the other monies that have been supposedly set aside for water projects? Sacramento is a joke at getting anything of value done.

Laura Stollorz Schroeder — Guess the Pacific Ocean will be full this summer.

Adam Garon — Nice time to water some lawns.

Mimi Hagen —Let’s still be grateful … for we know drought!

On “North Tahoe Fire awarded grant by the California Fire Foundation to combat disasters:

Bridget Crocker —As someone who just survived the Woolsey Fire in SoCal, may I suggest you do everything you can now in preparation. Developing our defense and survival skill set is the best protection we have against these inevitable natural disasters. #beprepared

On Truckee police, fire rescue 7-year-old girl from crevice:

Stan Bean — Glad she had help.

Leah Rich — True heroes.

Rose Weskamp — Well, of course they assisted … we have the best Truckee Police and Fire Departments! Thank you for your service!

Victor Hernandez: Great work Truckee Fire and Police! Love the group shot! Great look on child’s face!

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